May 2021

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IN-VR Oil & Gas is pleased to announce the second edition of Argentina's official oil & gas, and energy conference “Argentina Oil, Gas, and Energy Summit 2021”. The Summit is the only official event for the Argentinian oil & gas, and energy industries.

Under the auspices of Agencia Argentina de Inversiones y Comercio Internacional, IN-VR Oil & Gas is honoured to organise the Argentina Oil, Gas, and Energy Summit in May 2021 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The summit will present a unique platform for networking that will bring together existing and future operators in the oil & gas and energy industries in Argentina and Latin America. It will shed light on updates on the E&P, the development of a vast LNG market, future gas infrastructure projects, offshore and onshore activities, EOR and reduction of production costs in Vaca Muerta, and other important hydrocarbon and energy projects throughout the country.

1st Argentina Oil, Gas & Energy Summit


Speakers 2021

Gustavo Albrecht

Group CEO


Federico Cincotta

Managing Partner

Cincotta International

Alfredo Primo

Founding Partner

Red Oak Minery & GNL

Lic. Alejandro Monteiro

Minister of Energy & Natural Resources

Ministry of Neuquen

David Tawil

Managing Director

Maglan Capital

Susana Ecclestone

Executive Director

British-Argentinian Chamber
of Commerce

Eng. Jose Brillo


Investment Agency of Neuquen

Ing. Emilio Guinazu Fader

Subsecretary of Energy

Ministry of Hydrocarbons, Chubut

Diego Garzón


Oilstone Energy

Nicolás Quintana

Energy Director

Argentine Investment & Trade Promotion Agency AAICI

Jimena Bianco

Head of Americas

Verisk Maplecroft

Diego Temperley



Ing. Martin Cerda

Minister of Hydrocarbons

Ministry of Hydrocarbons, Chubut

Alberto Gustavo Menna

National Congressman for Chubut

Parliament of Argentina

Trade Mission to Vaca Muerta

Participation Notes

• Participation in the 2nd Argentina Oil, Gas & Energy Summit is necessary to attend for the Trade Mission.

• IN-VR Oil & Gas will provide a recommended set of Flights and Hotels, final arrangements are the responsibility of the participants.

As part of the 2nd Argentina Oil, Gas & Energy Summit, we are organising a special Trade Mission to Vaca Muerta and Neuquen in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy of Neuquen and the Investment Agency of Neuquen (ADI-NQN) for international companies based in the UK, USA and Australia.

During the first day, the Ministry of Energy and the Investment Agency of Neuquen will welcome the companies, give them updates on the latest developments and hold private meetings.

Whilst on the second day, the Trade Mission will visit the Vaca Muerta Oilfields and gain insight on how exploration and production is carried out in the Argentinian shale oil & gas Giant. Following the Trade Mission, the members will participate in the 2nd Argentina Oil, Gas & Energy Summit.

Why Attend

Why Argentina?


Argentina is the largest gas producer in South America and is one of the most important regional players in oil & gas.

Argentina’s proven natural gas reserves total 350 bcm (13.4 tcf), with output standing at 37.1 bcm (1.31 tcf). Argentina’s unconventional oil and gas plays have prolific potential. The country has the fourth-largest unproven, but technically recoverable reserves of shale oil at 27 billion barrels globally., Furthermore, it has  the second-largest reserves of shale gas globally at 22.7 tcm.

Part of the success is thanks to Argentina’s masterful Gas Plan, which creates a framework for incentives in unconventional reservoirs and minimum gas price guarantees.


At 2.4 billion barrels, Argentina has the fourth-largest oil reserves in South America, with a total crude output of 593,000 bopd annually.

Vaca Muerta

Vaca Muerta is the main non-conventional hydrocarbon formation in Argentina. The formation occupies an area of 36,000 km2, with resources estimated at 16 billion barrels of oil and 308 cubic feet of gas. The shale play is driving innovation through the commercial production of shale oil and gas, with many operators joining to benefit from this massive opportunity,


The Los Molles Formation;

The Los Molles formation is the second largest oil and gas formation in the Neuquén Basin, having more than 275 trillion cubic feet of technically recoverable shale gas and 3.7 billion barrels of technically recoverable oil, with plans for drilling more than 46 shale gas wells in recent years.


Argentina is creating an attractive environment for renewable energy investments. The Ministry of Energy launched an innovative renewable energy bidding program called RenovAr, aiming to produce 20% of Argentina's electricity from renewable sources by 2025, with the intermediate target of 16% by 2021.


197 projects have already been awarded, with potential for hundreds more.


With renewable energy accounting for 22% of consumption in Latin America, the time to enter the Argentinian renewables market as it is growing to reach this potential is now.


With 80% of Argentina using local grids, the opportunity for energy grid projects and consulting is higher than ever, as power generation from renewables and shale gas are increasing exponentially.

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