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Buenos Aires
28th- 29th June 2023


June 2023

IN-VR’s production team has partnered up with Argentinian superintendencies as well as interviewed new coming investors in the country, to build an Agenda that will host the most impactful content and encourage dialogue.

Day 1 

28th June

Day 2 - 

29th June

8:00 Registration and Welcome Coffee

9:00 Opening Remarks from IN-VR: Chryssa Tsouraki, CEO, IN-VR Oil & Gas

09:10  Keynote presentations and event Inauguration by:

  • Minister of Economy

  • Deputy Secretary of Hydrocarbons

  • Neuquen Province 

  • Secretary of Energy – Argentina 


  • Government plans to strengthen the Oil and Gas industry in Argentina 

  • What is the role of the main provinces of the industry to be more efficient in terms of production?

  • Q&A


11.15 Morning Coffee Break and Networking 


11.45 Session 2. The Future of Onshore exploration. 


  • What is the current plan to further boost onshore E&P promotion in Argentina?

  • Reviewing the status of onshore exploration outside of Vaca Muerta

  • What are the most prominent projects onshore Argentina?

  • Are the current policies supporting growth around onshore exploration?



13.00 LUNCH and Networking 


14.30 Session 3. Modern Technology and the Argentinian hydrocarbon sector


  • International and local technologies for the development of oil exploration models and simulations

  • Case studies on pre-control well drilling in Argentina

  • Seismic processing technology and its application to oil exploration (Software)




15.30 Afternoon Coffee Break and Networking 


16.00 Session 4. Vaca Muerta as the main Oil and Gas production giant in Argentina


  • Overview of Vaca Muerta´s ongoing and upcoming projects and their impact in the local economy.

  • How to improve Argentina's self-sufficiency with Vaca Muerta's Unconventional Resources

  • How to bring the Oil and Gas infrastructure to the next level? What is the current infrastructure situation? and What should be improved?



End of the first day of Summit 


19.00 Drinks Reception and Networking



9.00 Registration and Welcome coffee


9.30 Session 5. Argentina as a world supplier of Natural gas


  • What are the plans of gas generators in Argentina to become a global production reference?

  • What are the infrastructure challenges in Argentina for the massive production of natural gas?

  • National strategies to expand production capacity in Argentina: IdentifyingWhich are the most important gas pipelines?

  • Fenix Project: The future of energy supply in Argentina

  • Q&A 

11.00 Morning Coffee Break and Networking


11.30 Session 6. Building the most competitive Gas Industry in Argentina


  • What are the most innovative technologies available in the market to boost the production of Natural Gas in Argentina? 

  • What are the challenges for gas storage and transportation in Argentina? What should and could be improved?

  • Case Study: Vaca Muerta Gas Pipeline, What are the lessons learned in the execution of the project?

13.00 LUNCH and Networking


14.30 Session 7. Financing sources from local and international perspective


  •  International Case Study: Challenges and opportunities to join the Argentinian market

  • Resources available for financing Sustainable projects in Argentina

  • The role of the government to support the financing of projects in the hydrocarbon industry in Argentina (Prodepro)

  • Q&A

16.00 Morning Coffee Break and Networking


16.30 Session 8. Decarbonising the Oil and Gas Industry


  •  What are the main challenges and what has been achieved?

  • Sustainable operating models: Implementing the use of renewable energies in the operations of oil and gas companies

  •  What are the major oil companies' plans to reduce and offset their carbon footprint?

  • What technology is needed to accelerate and enhance decarbonisation

  • Q&A

17.30 Closure of the Summit 

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